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In this course, you will learn the three major pillars of ownership of amazingly successful families and be provided with the tools to build your family’s wealth through ownership. The three paramount pillars of ownership are business ownership, real estate ownership and investing in the stock market or financial ownership. As a bonus, you will hear from three visionaries and outstanding leaders that will share their story and provide you with some great ownership tips. The visionaries are DaJuan Savage, Founder, Savage Construction, LLC, Attorney Jules Porter, Founder, Seraph 7 Studios and Glenn Ford, Founder, Praxis Holdco & InCity Farms, LLC

Here's Why You Should Sign Up

  • Learn the benefits of owning a successful family business (business ownership)

  • Learn the Top 20 Benefits of Investing in Real Estate from the Pros

  • Learn the benefits of owner incoming producing property (real estate ownership)

  • Learn 15 reasons to invest into the stock market (financial ownership)

  • Special Guest, DaJuan Savage, Founder, Savage Construction, LLC and Savage Land Company

  • Special Guest, Jules Porter, Esq. MBA., Founder and CEO of Seraph 7 Studios

  • Special Guest, from Glenn Ford, MBA, BS in Business Management, BS in Economic, Founder and CEO of Praxis Holdco & InCity Farms LLC

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Chapter 1: Real Estate Ownership

    • Lesson 1: Real Estate Ownership Part 1

    • Lesson 2: Real Estate Ownership Part 2

    • Lesson 3: Real Estate Ownership Part 3

  • 2

    Chapter 2: Special Guest DaJual Savage

    • Lesson 1: DaJuan Savage Part 1

    • Lesson 2: DaJuan Savage Part 2

    • Lesson 3: DaJuan Savage Part 3

  • 3

    Chapter 3: Business Ownership

    • Lesson 1: Business Ownership Part 1

    • Lesson 2: Business Ownership Part 2

  • 4

    Chapter 4: Special Guest Jules Porter

    • Lesson 1: Jules Porter Part 1

    • Lesson 2: Jules Porter Part 2

    • Lesson 3: Jules Porter Part 3

  • 5

    Chapter 5: Financial Ownership

    • Lesson 1: Financial Ownership Part 1

    • Lesson 2: Financial Ownership Part 2

    • Lesson 3: Financial Ownership Part 3

  • 6

    Chapter 6: Special Guest Glenn Ford

    • Lesson 1: Glenn Ford Part 1

    • Lesson 2: Glenn Ford Part 2

    • Lesson 3: Glenn Ford Part 3

    • Lesson 4: Glenn Ford Part 4

  • 7

    Lesson Assignment

    • Lesson 1: Assignment

  • 8

    Lesson Quiz

    • Lesson 1: Quiz Build Family Wealth Through Ownership

What People Are Saying About This Course

Loyace in Texas

“Thank You, Phillip and Dr. Janice! This is an Excellent Forum for Building Personal Excellence, and Family Wealth!!!”

DaJuan in North Carolina

I am thankful to be a part of something so informative. Black Wallstreet is more than a physical place. It is an idea. And this is it!”

Vanessa in Alabama

“God is amazing!!!! From this book to workshops, to curriculum and workbook to Webinar and workbook to certified trainers.... Look at God!!!! Amazing and Wonderful.”

Carlotta in Minnesota

“I have received my autographed book for the upcoming webinar class, and is super excited...You don't want to miss it so check it out...Vision Driven Family Institute at www.globalfamilysuccess.com.”

Mary in California

“Great information for young people and beyond.”

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